Saturday, October 1, 2011

Success and Celebration

Success and Celebration! Wow! These words generate a pleasant feeling for doing something big and sharing the joy of a favorable outcome with positive energy and enthusiasm with your friends and family. Upon arriving at the moment of celebration, most of you will be very happy and possibly visualizing your next successful moments!

Now pause for a moment and think about these successful moments when there was a feeling of joy within us and a sense of happiness for celebrating and sharing with friends and family. When we share our success and joy, we get an insight and a chance to understand ourselves and what True Success and True Celebration are to us. In this process, we might also come across a few of our achievements where we got Success and celebrated it but the sense of Joy and happiness was missing.

What is the cause of the difference between these two celebrations? In our busy lives, sometimes we tend to be superfluous where success is closely associated with just the end result but the path traveled to attain the success is ignored or that the sympathy for other who have not yet succeeded is not felt consciously within us or that the sacrifice of others in your own success is not recognized. These are some of the reasons that deprive us subconsciously from true feeling and the joy of celebration.

True success is a feeling of happiness, a sense of joy, where our inner consciousness feels that you have honestly succeeded and you feel the pride of true and inclusive accomplishment. Such a success brings a real celebration from within and our heart starts dancing with the tunes of satisfaction, joy and lightness.

How do you stay close to a true Success? Knowledge and meditation help us to live a life aligned with the values and principles which will help us make right decisions and every action we take will leave us with a sense of joy and celebration.

Dushera & Diwali are a celebration of the awakening of the individual to his or her true nature by winning over his own weaknesses. One's true nature consists of peace, love, bliss and inner joy. When awakened, these qualities bring new meaning to life.

Wish you such a Happy Dushera & Diwali filled with wealth of knowledge, Happiness, Joy and celebration of true success of self-mastery and self-sovereignty.

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