Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Value Your Values

Do you believe in yourself? Do you Value your values?
"Museebat mein shareefon ki kabhi izzat nahin ghat'ti. Jalaa bhi daalo sone ko magar qeemat nahin ghat'ti" - Nama'loom
Translation -
"The honor of good people doesn't decrease during tough times. Even if you burn gold, its value is not decreased."

Sometimes in journey of life offers us challenging opportunities which help us in increasing the faith in ourselves and in values which we believe as core of our character. For example there comes a situation in work or personal life which demands you to make a key decision and all your key contacts or sources and so called "PRACTICAL think tanks" are suggesting you to do something which you are not convinced completely i.e.,. though it appears as logical thing to do yet somewhere in your heart you are not comfortable. You feel it's not in alignment with your core values and as a result you sense some uncomfortable feeling to take that route.

Hope you can co-relate such situation where you start asking yourself? Is it the right decision? I'm I taking right path? I'm I being stupid in following my core values and not being practical like all my friends and co-workers? etc...

At these times remember the quote in beginning Museebat mein.... Become alert during these challenging times and tell yourself its opportunity to test your faith in your own value system. Believe that it's your character( not your money, friends, family) which will protect you in toughest of tough times. It is easy to say that these moments of decision are great opportunities which build our character but when we undergo them personally we realize how tough it's to have faith in our own self and follow our values instead of following steps of society (path of least resistance).

Life is filled with such moments but what happens generally is either we are ignorant to our own core values or never have time to be in peaceful& courageous stage to listen, understand and follow our own conscience. We are often busy and carried away by currents of media/friends etc...

That's why when Baba descends onto this earth first thing HE reminds is our original self and our core values. He gifts us awareness through knowledge and powers (Peace ,Courage etc) through Yog. This helps us to come out of darkness of ignorance and limited thinking and makes us believe in righteous path to help ourselves and entire Human civilization by taking up unlimited (Behad) responsibility towards entire world and prakriti.

Wish you all a great empowering time where you redefine your values, responsibilities and self-faith in your own self's.