Saturday, July 4, 2015

Economy of Thoughts

Have you noticed that it often only takes a few minutes to do that same thing that we previously spent hours thinking and worrying about? We can waste so much time just thinking about the action rather than getting on and doing it. Tackling the ironing, writing that report, planning a get together... so much energy could be saved if we just did it rather than just thinking about it.

We all know how to economize on our food or our wardrobe, yet how many of us think to economize on our thoughts? Every thought created that is not utilized can be said to be a waste thought. And not only does it go into the bank account of my personal wasteful thinking, but I am also dumping waste into the world. Vibrationally and karmically this is not good.

Why is the atmosphere so heavy in some places? Its possibly due to a surplus of thoughts whether misunderstanding, confusion, anger or sorrow. We consciously or subconsciously pick up on these heavy vibrations. Even in a home, where members of the same family do not talk to each other, the atmosphere becomes heavy and loaded with too many waste and negative thoughts.

We live at time when we are completely overloaded with information, and a lot of it is negative. It is very easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of thoughts that just result in hesitancy, confusion and maybe even sleepless nights. A lot of our stress can be attributed to the dozens of (often little) things that we just never seem to get around to. They appear on our to-do list day after day, they fester at the back of our minds and may even wake us up in the middle of the night.

Like the satisfaction gained from clearing out clutter from the cupboards, we also gain a great sense of freedom from clearing the clutter that is occupying our minds, and it can be as simple as just making a decision to just get on with it. And if we can make a habit of clearing away the old stuff before we start anything new then we can also create some new healthy habits that will stand us in good stead for the future.  If we give our mind a discipline or a routine to follow, there is no decision to be made, actions become automatic and we create less waste. If for example, you know you have to go to school from 7am-2pm or go to work from 9am-5pm every day, then there is no margin to even entertain anything else.

In the same way, if we decide to allocate a certain time to do something and just do it, then it is out of the way, and we will often realize that it was not the big black cloud that we thought it was, in fact it was probably much easier than we had anticipated and the feeling of having the burden lifted makes it well worth the effort.  And there are so many little things that we can make into a daily habit or routine, so, after a while, we find ourselves doing them on autopilot. For example, a friend of mine has decided to learn a new language, and has made a habit of listening to lessons each time she does some ironing. So two tasks that were pending day after day, have now become an enjoyable duo.

I like to listen to TED talks whilst I am walking, and its great to know that I am keeping the body and mind fit at the same time. But in the past exercising was one of those things that somehow rarely got ticked off the to-do list. So stop procrastinating, find a creative and enjoyable way to get the little things done, so that they are out of your head. Another way to deal with them is to evaluate... if something is taking up a lot of headspace and yet its just not getting resolved, then is it really needed? Instead of worrying and fretting about it, just decide to let it go. Don't sweat the small stuff as they say! And maybe then we will have the time and space for the things we really want to do.

A critical factor must be to recognize the important things in our life and somehow fit them into our day. There is a great sense of accomplishment when we get things done. An idea implemented, or a vision brought to life gives us a great inner feeling. So if you have been thinking to write that book or climb that mountain, just do it... NOW!

Its time... to clear the clutter and create some healthy habits so then we can do the things we really want to do, and do them NOW!

'It's Time...' by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London, UK