Friday, September 2, 2011

Om Cafe On Courage

Emerging young leaders (ages 13-35 yr) are invited to join like-minded souls in a cafe-style setting to explore, express and exchange values that hold the potential to create a new story for humanity. Light refreshments served.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Talk on Happiness Index

Date: Sun, Sep 11;
Time: 11:30am onwards; Followed by lunch
Place: East Bay Hindu Temple, 595 School St., Pittsburg, CA 94565

Stay On The Path To Success

All of us wish to succeed in our life in the face of difficult and challenging situations. When faced with such a situation, we should ask ourselves if we are ready to face the situation or we are waiting for the situation to change. Those who just wish and pray for the situation to change find themselves using up all of their energy trying to escape from the situation, languishing in their success.

Majority of us start with enthusiasm to overcome the challenges and change the system but on the way to success, we come across many hurdles and we feel that we cannot continue forward and abandon the efforts. A few of us, however, keep faith, continue their progress in the face of obstacles and reach their destiny successfully with the same enthusiasm as when they started.

This raises a million-dollar question: What is the difference between these two types of people? The answer in short is, “Those who reach their destination successfully know how to keep their spirits alive through the tough times and how to cope up with the changing situations. They know how to increase their inner powers when needed.” In fact those of us who use their inner powers to face the challenging situations in the positive way find themselves becoming more powerful with every new situation that they face.

If you find a challenging situation difficult to face, think about how your loving family or a company of a friend with experience will support you and encourage you during these tough times and then develop courage and determination to navigate through the challenge. Yes, power of loved ones and the company of experienced people are great gifts only lucky ones have.

In Sangham yug we are blessed with such elevated company of GOD and his Family. He bestows on us 8 powers (The power to Withdraw, Tolerate, Discriminate, Judge, Accommodate, Face, Co-operate, Pack Up) to destroy our vices and make us victorious. This Dushera and Navratri, while we worship and praise Goddess Durga, the powerful 8-armed one, let us discover our own hidden powers that we could use in a practical way to achieve the aims we have set for ourselves. All of us have powers within ourselves, like weapons, which we can use according to the need and time to successfully achieve our aims.

Personal happiness & success are related to how well we align ourselves with ideals and what we believe to be true with our actions. Practice the methodology based on ideals that motivate your journey forward to a higher aim. An understanding of these powers, regularly practicing them and keeping them handy is the key to success in facing all challenges successfully and confidently.

For better understanding of such inner powers, call us to attend Raj Yoga Foundation course.