Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is God Listening?

All of us at some point of time in our life have asked this question "Is God listening?" For few us it's a question? For few them its exclamation! "Oh wow I wish something and its happening "Is God listening to me!" Both the phases are amazing experiences provided we see them as detached observer and Yogi.

It's kind of tricky to understand this when we are undergoing tough phase where we really want something to happen and have put lot of effort but are yet not seeing results! Here we question "Is God listening?" But it's also an amazing phase because we get to understand ourselves, God, His role and principles with which this world drama is operated during this time.

Now an important thing to Cogitate! How do we face this tough phase?

  1. First become detached observer. This gives strength to look into situation with more clarity and presence of mind.
  2. Believe in yourself and connect the God and follow the directions you are receiving
  3. Trust this principle "God always answers Sincere efforts filled with positive thoughts ( i.e., thoughts filled with Faith , Enthusiasm , Courage without any emotions of doubts, duality of mind )

But other interesting aspect to ask ourselves is "Are we Listening to God?" Are we catching his signals and directions properly? Are we having three things which are needed to catch and understand his signals

  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Patience?

Only an Honest person can listen to his own inner voice and God's voice. Trust is Sine qua non for any successful relation and patience is a key for completing any work. Even when a seed is sown it takes time for fruits to come -its law of nature. Only thing farmer can do is to sow the right seeds at right time. So trust your-self in tough times and sow right seeds and be patient till the results come.