Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Age of Information or Ignorance

We all know the story behind the discovery of light. It's unbelievable for few to know that this amazing discovery of modern era which left the world, a different place to live, was by a person who just had few months of formal education and was almost all deaf. Yes we are speaking about Thomas Alva Edison... (Tom).Interestingly when Tom had an opportunity to have an operation that "would have likely restored his hearing," he flatly refused to act upon the option.... His rationale was that he was afraid he "would have difficulty re-learning how to channel his thinking in an ever more, noisy world." This choice of Thomas Edison raises the question in our Mind, "Are we ourselves lost in the noisy advanced world ", "Are we in the AGE of Information or Ignorance "

Today we are advanced to get information of everything we want through web within seconds, yet very few really can understand the problems/challenges we face in this world. It's because we have information in pieces and have never connected the links between them to see the holistic picture.

Consider simple problem of population Growth : Human Civilization reached it's 1 billion mark in 1800 AD( i.e. It took thousands of years to reach this population), but amazingly it just took another 130 years to become 2 billion (i.e. by 1930) , more amazingly just another 30 years to become 3 billion; Today we have population of 6 billion.
Problem today: We are too many people, using too many resources too fast; A United Nations group called "Millennium Ecosystems Assessment" did a 4 year study, the biggest study of ecosystems ever done on earth which involved 1300 scientists from 71 countries. At the end of the Environmental Conference in March 2005 they came up with a report which showed staggering destruction of ecosystems and the services these ecosystems provide for us. As a result, we started to see many Global Natural calamities.

If we carefully join all this pieces of information using our common sense we can easily figure out that the problem, is not the problem of shortage of oil & natural resources, not the problem of Technology, not the problem of too much Carbon dioxide, not the problem of global warming; all of these are only symptoms of problem. The Problem is the way we are all thinking; it's fundamentally a cultural Problem. It's at level of culture that these mistakes are happening. Our culture is being shaped by corporate companies who are in race of unlimited economic growth at the cost of everything (including even themselves). We have now products of 500 billion dollars of advertising, By the time a child comes to college or goes to school he might have seen thousands of hours of television; an average 2-3 hrs of television per day, as result he can identify hundreds of corporate logos but fewer than 10 native plants of the place. We have not only become consumers but have become ignorant by the terms we live on the earth.

To bring cultural shift we have to first change the way we think as Society, only then a new culture can be formed. How do we bring this change? Even when we fix a mechanical problem we follow simple steps like

  1. Understand true nature of product and it's ideal behavior; Observe the deviation from ideal
  2. Know who is the right expert in that area and contact him to get the solution
  3. Understand the circumstances which lead to this problem for proper understanding
  4. Take necessary action.

Similarly as human civilization we are in a situation where a change is required and even this change follows similar process

  • Know Your True self
  • Know the Creator of all of Us
  • Know the Eternal world drama
  • Act to the "Call of time"

Once we realize above 4 things it's easy to reopen and imbibe the spiritual principles & virtues innate within us. Some might ask "is it possible even as a dream?" We can give one simple example: When Bapu Mahatma Gandhi first had vision of independence of India with NON-VIOLENCE as weapon people might have got similar questions as above but today we cant question it anymore as it was made true.

"Everything is difficult before it is easy. - Italian proverb"

Now PARAMPITHA PARMATHMA Shiv (father of all souls) has taken birth and has envisioned the establishment of new era with new culture on Earth. It's HIS vision to get us out, from this Night of Ignorance to Beautiful morning. Let us keep our intellect awaken during this process and fast from all negative things to extend our support to HIM in bringing the Transformation.