Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year... But Nothing New Unless...

All of us at some point of our life have this wonderful experience where we are struck by an idea, a powerful thought with deep insight so inspiring that it takes control of us and helps us in breaking our old patterns and creates newness in us.

As we know old habits are harder to kill, and they must first die before new ways of being and doing can occupy the driving seat of our life. Amazingly these powerful deep insights start few wonderful natural changes like below which might have not taken place without their inspiration.
  1. You naturally start organizing and prioritizing your life to get some time for your self to implement this new idea. Lot of unnecessary habits/behavior patterns are naturally forgotten because of this.
  2. You start radiating an inspiring charm on your face with new energy. This strengthens your relationships.
  3. Your enthusiasm and sense of purpose start further guiding you to new ideas / people and thus creating Newness every moment.

Beauty is that in this process, lots of mundane unnecessary habits are lost and are replaced by set of NEW patterns and thus creating NEW YOU.

Well it's great to see such things happen but how shall we tune ourselves to get these ideas/insights? Is it easy? Yes it's easy but you have to connect to yourself to generate such insights. There is a beautiful process used by yogis for generating such thoughts and connecting to true self it's called "Tapasya". In this process yogi calms himself and fine tunes his mental faculties with determined thought to find his true self.

Breaking out and setting ourselves free to do this is obviously more than just a days work and needs constant attention everyday (at least for 10 min a day) but yet the prize is so great i.e. our own personal happiness. What else is more important to do? So let us begin New Year with determined thought of connecting to our true self in yogic silence resulting in deep insights which break our old thoughts, behavior patterns and creates everything new in our lives.

Wish you Happy New Year with NEW YOU