Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thank You

Thank you. We have come a long way in our culture in using these two important and necessary words. We now often use these two beautiful words to express our gratitude to someone who is courteous to us or who helped us or inspired us for something better in our life. Though we use these words often, very few times they emanate from our heart with pure intentions of goodwill for the person who has facilitated us at that moment that was important to us.

Our feeling of gratitude may emerge as a result of big acts or very simple acts performed by others that made us happy or relieved us from burden or worry, for example in a situation wherein our partner helps us out in cleaning, shopping or cooking. This feeling shows us how important it is to step out of our busy demanding work life and help our friends and Family.

Our life is a journey and everyone plays a meaningful role during this journey before reaching our destination. What makes our journey more enjoyable, fulfilling and pleasant are the experiences and the people we meet during this journey. Thus it is important to bring change in our own nature (behavior) to accept and love others for who they are and in the process, God, the Ultimate gardener, will clean our heart and plant the seeds of love, wisdom, happiness and purity so that a new world filled with fragrance of virtues and values emerge.

So this month let's thank everyone and all situations (Good or Bad) which have mould our life strengthened our character. Let us make a resolution to build a life style which helps us in earning blessing of thanks from everyone who enters our life.