Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Forward Thinking – Another New Beginning!

The old year has gone, a new year has begun. Some make resolutions, others prefer to live now and yet others plan for the future. Powerful thoughts have proved to be effective and by making them your starting point, you can map your life and destiny. To that end, 1) determine which of the following type or types best describe your future inclination; 2) ask 3 people how they see their lives unfolding in the coming year, ask them questions to help them grow their vision and ask them to ask you similar questions to help you grow your vision of your future.

The Worrier
When we worry, we create a fear of unknown. It drains mental energy, distracts us from contentment of the present time and even if the catastrophe may never happen, it does ‘interfere’ with our personal well being and the health of our relationships over time.

The Hoper
Some people look to the future and simply hope for the best. They have not fully realized that their future is in their hands. They are not confident and are likely to see themselves as dependent on external sources.

The Follower
There are those who think within the confines of, and impressed by perceptions and thoughts of others; they are easily influenced and guided by others. Frequently, such people are not able to bring reigns of their thoughts, feeling and life under their control.

The Wanter
These people ‘desire’ their way into the future. Their forward thinking sounds like a laundry list of desires. When such the list of desires is not fulfilled, it brings unhappiness. They have yet to realize that they have the “will power” to get what they want.

The Dreamer
There are those who can be frequently observed drifting into a dream of panacea, “everything is going to be just wonderful”. They are even less inclined to dream to make something happen, their future never unfolds the way they had dreamed.

The Aimer
The goal setter is extremely concerned with controlling how their future unfolds. They will likely break their life down into different areas & set and strategize goals in each one. They are well organized & highly focused but fail to smell roses of achievements.

The Seer
The visionary either knows what lies up ahead or they know whatever they envision for their life is likely to evolve in the most natural way. The visionary forces nothing, least of all thoughts about the future; they have clear awareness of their responsibility.

Adapted from Mike George’s article “Forward Thinking – Another New Beginning!” © 2010