Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Way to Change

Why can it be so hard to change our self? We’ve made all the attempts; read the books, attended retreat, sought advice …yet nothing changed or changed insignificantly.

A successful chief executive, disillusioned with his life happened to come across an ice cream seller and ordered an ice cream, “Please make me one with everything!”, and handed over his twenty-dollar bill and asked for the change when he picked up his ice cream. At which point the ice cream seller put both his hands together bowed, and replied, “Ah, but all change must come from within!”

It seems obvious that we have to do our own work and change our selves from inside out. Yet we still look around for help to change our self. Reason? We have not yet realized how deeply we need to go within ourselves to empower our self for the necessary change we seek. Changing a habit of action is not enough to change our self. Just as, we must pull the weeds along with the roots to get rid of them permanently, changing how we think, what we feel, how we perceive requires us to go deeply within us and pull out their roots and that requires energy. This energy comes from four daily practices that enable us to access our inner power and innate wisdom to make this change permanently.

Daily Meditation to Access our Inner Power
The practice of meditation gives you access to the core of your being where you always find your inner peace. Meditation is the practice of connecting with the power of your peace in order to remain calm while the world around you prefers chaos and crisis.

Daily Study to Bring Out Inner Wisdom
This is the practice of using your mind and intellect to explore spiritual ideas. This will involve the ‘contemplation’ of the wisdom and insight of others to begin with. We must use those insights as signposts to trigger the ‘realization’ of our own wisdom and insight to demolish the old belief systems.

Daily Application for Learning from Experience
The power of our realization brings change in us. Make those changes practical by recognizing that each relationship is an opportunity to apply our power, our realizations and our new insights without imposing them on others. This enables us to take back conscious control of our own thoughts and feelings from others.

Daily Contribution for Our Consciousness
Our ingrained notion that the purpose and success in life is to acquire and accumulate causes the most personal stress and suffering. Changing our habit of wanting and taking, and freeing our self from the worry and insecurity, is only possible when we consciously seek opportunities every day to give with no expectation of return.

Adapted from Mike George’s article© 2010, The Way to Change.