Sunday, December 1, 2013

Have YOU Realized Your Power, Passion and Principles?

Do you feel powerless as you engage with whatever life throws at you? On a scale of one to ten, how passionate do you feel on an average day? Do you feel guided by consciously chosen principles or you feel rudderless? You see, there is an intimate connection among power, passion and principles which arise from within you and they diminish over time in absence of self-awareness and consciousness. 

The Power to Change: A simple definition of power is ‘the ability to influence future change’. That ‘change” can be internal within your consciousness or external as applies to anything in the world. Most people try to change others but eventually realize that they cannot, and end up with frustration and stress. 

Ending the Habit of Disempowerment: In order to become powerful, you need to eliminate ways in which you give away your power. That means, restore your awareness of the truth that you are totally responsible for what you think, feel and act in response to others behavior. Your cholesterol goes up over time not because someone gives it to you but because what you think, feel and act in response to others’ behavior. Every time a situation comes up, take a deep breath and remind yourself, “I will not react to others, I am my own master and I will exercise complete control over my thoughts, feelings and actions.” 

Measuring Your Passion: Often, passion is confused with desire, lust and even anger. But the true passion is the natural enthusiasm for doing something that you are consciously and joyfully choosing to do. Passion involves a ‘want to do’ attitude as opposed to ‘have to do’ attitude. When in passion, you are motivated, you are fired up, you are never tired and you find every reason to pursue what you are passionate about. Real passion emerges when we are creative and that is when we lose sense of time.

The Values that Guide: Once our purpose is discerned, it’s our values that will guide our creative purpose into actual action. Those values will either enhance or sabotage the quality of our creativity.

The Values Question: When asked what they value (care about) most, the majority of people immediately respond with family, friends and health. The underlying reason for family and friendship is the value of love at its highest form and for health, they value peace within. Thus the presence of ‘love’ and ‘peace’ within our consciousness make us genuinely and sustainably happy. And when love is our guide, our purpose will automatically serve to nurture and sustain others in benevolent ways. 

The Deep connection between Power, Passion and Principles: The thread that connects these three characteristics at consciousness level is, of course love; love is the highest vibration of the energy of our consciousness. Love is a creative force of relationship and connection. It creates the intention to serve, benefit, give and nurture others free of any desire for anything in return. Love is the state of consciousness and you are most powerful when your consciousness radiates love. As we direct the energy of love, you will find yourself ‘influencing future change’ in creative and benevolent ways ...inside and out! ! Love is our power, it is our purpose, it is the cause of our passion and it is what gives us the capacity ‘to value’, and principles. We only need to untangle all the inherited illusions about what love is and is not, in order to be it and do it ...once again! 

Action: End disempowering yourself by consciously reminding yourself that you are in control of your thoughts, feelings and actions while dealing with others, especially those who you think are difficult to deal with. Influence their thoughts, feelings and actions with your benevolent ways. 

 Adapted from Mike George’s article “Have YOU Realized Your Power, Passion and Principles?” © 2012