Monday, February 2, 2015

Slow Down and Stop Rushing

'What is this world if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare...'
Slow Down and Stop Rushing

In todays crazy world its easy to spend a lot of our time rushing from A to B, only to find that those few seconds of haste dont make a significant difference in our day. Rushing around without hardly a minute to spare has become a necessity or even an addiction. In our pursuit of speed, we lose our peace in the soul and create unnecessary adrenalin in the body, which only fatigues the muscles and makes us more tired than productive. Learning to slow down is the key to being more effective!

Imagine a world in which everyone decelerated just a little drivers, motorcyclists, housewives and executives. For a start there would be fewer accidents! Giving way to others with grace may mean that you will be a few minutes later at the most. Is it really so important that you save a few seconds at the expense of your sanity or blood pressure? Imagine living your life at a slightly slower pace, and enjoying the moment instead of always frantically scrambling to whats next.

Very often we jump from one action to the next and forget what we just did or which direction we just came from. We are so heavily consumed in action that we lose awareness of everything around us and consequently we lose the experience of the moment. Then we dont have time to pause, smell the roses or enjoy the moment!

We create for ourselves a vicious cycle. We find ourselves running after time, and as we hurry, we make mistakes, accomplish little and therefore need more time to do the things we need to do!

The key to breaking this vicious cycle is to resist the very thought of haste. To slow down means to step into the present moment, to be alert, conscious and aware. Then as we become focused, we can harness our inner powers and are able better discern and decide. Instead of simply reacting we can choose the most appropriate responses. Its a change of attitude from feeling out of control to being the master.

And when we sit to reflect at the end of the day we are contented and at peace, knowing that every minute was used in a worthwhile way and to its best advantage. In this way we can honour our daily tasks and responsibilities and sail through them with lightness and ease.

The example of the tortoise and the hare is an excellent one slow and steady wins the race!

Its time... think before you speak, think before you act, and to think before you think...! Taking that little extra time to hold this attention will reap greater dividends in the long run. Become like the tortoise, smell the roses and thereafter be the master and go within your shell.

Its Time is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound.

'It's Time...' by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London