Sunday, May 1, 2011

Born To Be Creative

All of us in our life's at some moments have experienced this beautiful AHA moment where we felt we touched the best within ourselves while doing something new or innovative....We smile at ourselves and cheer ourselves by patting our back saying humm wow I can do this ...That's wonderful thing I could do and you are happy like child filled with happiness when he first learns to ride bike.

More Interesting thing is these acts might not always be big ones they can be as simple as doing a small presentation in new way or solving a complicate problem with simple idea or some changes in the way house is organized or bringing home new the flowerpots/trees to make your home special or even making your own songs list.

It's very much true that one of our innate urge is to be creative, innovative and do something new to make changes and bring freshness in life. If we like all this creative process so much why we are not able to do it at all time? To understand this lets see the process which is source of all this creative moments.

We are born innovative and if observed every moment we spend in our life we are involved in beautiful process... A process which continuously makes us creative or sometimes destructive or even dull depending on our choices! Its process which we can't escape or stop and it's responsible for everything surrounding our lives...It's our thought process.

Things which make this process dull are:
  1. Thinking about others: (why so and so is like this ...if he is like this)
  2. Thinking about past & worrying about future. This might appear simple things but observe how much of your time is invested in it every day.

Things which make it destructive:

  1. Jealousy
  2. Hatred
  3. Ego
  4. Selfishness etc...

Things which make it creative & innovative:

  1. Feeling of love (unconditional)
  2. Thoughts of doing something good without any specific expectancy of name or fame
  3. Thoughts of enjoying together etc...

Developing creativity: Getting quiet and exploring stillness is one of the fastest and most successful ways of touching creative peak within you. Yogic principles & mediation help in getting this calm and stable mind to experience the present and to expand our horizons. Among other thing recommended: Dream. Imagine. Play sports. Pretend you are again a child discovering your world. Take risks. And risk again. Dare to fail. Practice your craft.