Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chasing Away the Darkness

Sometimes in weekends/weekdays we try to get up late in the morning and start sleeping again... Saying I'll relax little more it gives me more energy. But the moment we get up we realize it's late in the day and there are lot of things in TO_DO list (These thoughts keep ringing in your mind and we start chasing them relentlessly) Our day is filled with RACE against time in getting things done from TO-DO List and we never really relax and rejuvenate yourself.

In Contrast to this let's now recollect memories from our past where we were at our Best (Might be early days in your life like career or college etc...) where we waited for morning to arise and wished that time never passes of fast. It was as if every moment was filled with new experience, dream, and vision for life. Present Moment was really PRESENT(Gift) and we longed to experience it more and more so we never had time for ordinary things or laziness.

What's difference between both these phases of life? Give a moment for your-self to really think in this direction. "Happiness is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal, or goal."- Earl Nightingale

You only feel happy when you are making progress, step-by step, toward something that is important to you. Hope that gives some hints to difference to both phases of life! In earlier part of life when we were at best knowingly or unknowingly we used explore ourselves to discover who we are? What we want? What creative and special things we can do? But as time passes we forget explore ourselves and discover what we really want. We pretend to sleep to changing situations by convincing ourselves that this is the way of LIFE.

Similarly let's now think from entire Human civilization perspective, advanced scientifically but yet there are many major problems which Humans as a society are facing. Though books and documentaries (like "Eleventh hour "etc...) by many eminent scientists are showcasing them and giving clear warning we are yet responding with same habit we developed( let me sleep little more and then chase my own personal To-do list). A response which most of us give when questioned like above is "What can we do about it?" Is there anything we can do to chase away this Darkness? Is it possible to even dream such transformation? How can it be possible?

Transformation is possible when Human beings collectively realize worthy ideal, or goal. But we need to open up come out sleep to make it possible. GOD the Ocean of knowledge and Purifier of elements can give us such a hope and vision which Chases away the darkness of entire human civilization and makes them symbol of excellence and elevated CHARACTER ( Divine) again". He descends on earth when Humans are lost is darkness of ignorance and gives us a new ray of Hope by giving us:

  1. Knowledge(Light ) : A positive ray of hope in darkness through true knowledge of who we are.
  2. Might (Power): To overcome obstacles and become our true self elevated again.
  3. Divine Insight: Understanding of past, present and future of Self & Human society to direct us.

Shivratri is celebrated in India in remembrance of this God's descent and transformation he bestows on us. Let's celebrate this Shivjayanti with true LIGHT, MIGHT and Divine Insights.

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